Podcast: Exploring the entwined layers of technology and people in the Intelligent Workplace


LiveTiles have launched an exciting new podcast series about the ā€œIntelligent Workplaceā€, where they speak with industry experts and explore the latest ideas and technologies that are shaping the modern workplace, and how it will transform our working lives.

LiveTile's Intelligent Workplace podcast featuring James Dellow

The series is hosted by Chris Lukianenko, and Iā€™m excited to be among his first three interviews. We chat about the different levels of technology in the Intelligent Workplace, exploring both the productivity perspective and the all import dimension of employee engagement.

Chris and I also talk about:

Chris tells me that all of the episodes can be found on your favourite podcast service or you can go to podcast.livetiles.nyc and listen to them from your browser or read the transcript.

BTW if you are interested in the discussion about digital placemaking in the workplace, see this post about my presentation at Social Now 2018.