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Chief Technology Solutions

Chief Technology Solutions ("Chieftech") is an independent business and technology consultancy, specialising in the digital workplace, intranets, collaboration, knowledge management and digital transformation.

Our industry experience covers a wide range of industry sectors, including construction, financial services, government, health and community services, higher education, not-for-profit, media, professional service, and retail.

Chief Technology Solutions was founded by James Dellow in 2004, went into hiatus at various times, but was awakened again in 2016. We service Australia and the world from our base in Wollongong, NSW, close to the Greater Sydney region.

James Dellow, Director

James is a human-centred designer and technology strategist. He explores, comments on and provides guidance on digital technologies, particularly the digital workplace and social innovation.

You may also know him from his work with Headshift / Dachis Group (aka Ripple Effect Group in Australia), an online engagement and workforce collaboration consultancy. Prior to this he also worked at CSC (now DXC) and in Ernst & Young's global knowledge management division, the award winning Center for Business Knowledge.

In 2016 James established his other business arm, the Digital Workplace Company, where he works alongside leading Australian design studios to contribute to workplace strategies that blend people, place, and technology.

He has also been a mentor for the Remarkable startup accelerator.

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Associates & Partners

Chief Technology Solutions work with a range of associates, who assist with user experience design, graphic design, organisational change, digital competency, project management, or bring specific technical knowledge.

We also collaborate with technical partners, to help bring our clients access to the best choice of technologies, including established solutions and new startups.

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